The august and historic Mid-Atlantic Teen Leadership Conference of Jack and Jill of America seeks to support the Chrysalis Center in their efforts to give children a first chance at life. Through your donation, mothers will be supported in their treatment of substance use disorder in a holistic fashion that considers the health of the family.

The purpose of the Regional Teen Leadership Conference is to create a setting for teens to participate in constructive educational, cultural, civic, recreational and social programs by and for teens within the region. This includes interpreting the programs and promoting the projects of the National Jack and Jill of America organization as they pertain to our teens.

Throughout the 2020-2021 Program Year the Mid-Atlantic Regional Teen Officers have aligned our Region’s teens around 5 task force themes. These themes are: Inspiring Each Other, Mental Health Initiative, Open Dialogue in Schools, Region Community Service/ Fundraising, and Using our Voices in Politics. For our Teen Conference Community Service Initiative, we are encouraging teens in the Mid-Atlantic Region to participate in raising funds for the organization designated for their chapter.

The Chrysalis Center is a unique women’s residential treatment facility for women diagnosed with a severe substance use disorder and their young children. Designed to provide a nurturing therapeutic environment, Chrysalis offers an opportunity for children, up to the age of 10, to continue to live on-site with their mothers for 90-120 days depending on eligibility. This approach offers women the opportunity of seeking help without the fear of losing their children. Children residing at the center receive therapeutic services while their mothers gain a new chance at life … a chance to break the cycle of addiction.