My Pill Box

My Pill Box

My pillbox (Meds & Pill Reminder) is designed to help you properly track and remind your medications for easy way.

Remembering to take your medication, especially if you’re juggling a bunch of them, can be a huge headache. My pillbox reminder let the medicine “visually” to you, so you can enjoy to manage medicines, take it on time and safely. Also, My pillbox reminder can track multiple person, like your family, your relatives. It’s also ability to let family members, caregivers and doctors monitor medication adherence through an analytics dashboard. People love My pillbox!

There are 12 different medicine types, such like pills, capsules, drops, injections, packs, patches you can choose from, and 9 different colors for different medicines, just like the real med you are actually taken.

You can add your any medication with:

  • Medicine Name
  • Appearance
  • Reason to take
  • Remaining amount of meds
  • Schedule or PRN(As needed)
  • Start date
  • Doctor

Then you can set the medicines schedule as daily / weekly / monthly / Every X days / Every X hours or one time event, and set the notification time.

You won’t miss any medicines, and when you actually take the pill, you can record the result like”better” or “worse”, also with the actual taken time and amount.

Even you missed or want to skip some alert, you also can record them, but with different colors in your history list, and you can check them very easily.


  • Multi accounts
  • 12 medicines appearances to choose
  • 9 colors for medicines
  • View a list of what meds are “due today” and check them with one tap
  • Check your meds log by any period of time
  • Backup data for excel sheet
  • Remind you RX refill when out of medicines
  • Set password
  • Status bar or pop window to choose for notification
  • Choose your reminder sound to make notification more comfortable
  • Turn off the reminders for different medicine
  • 4 date formats to choose
  • PRN(as needed) meds function
  • Set snooze time is available on Setting.
  • Backup and send it to the doctor as an Excel file.
  • RX refill reminder for each meds
  • Set the way you take meds – by mouth, under the tongue etc;
  • Meds instruction – before food, with food, after food etc;
  • No network connection required!

Navigating the App

My Pill Box App Screenshot 01

Easy to Use

My Pill Box App Screenshot 02

Prescription Refill Reminders

My Pill Box App Screenshot 03

Track Yours, Your Significant Other and Your Child’s Prescriptions All at Once

My Pill Box App Screenshot 04

Easy to Navigate

My Pill Box App Screenshot 05

Easy to Track When You are Supposed to Take Your Prescriptions

My Pill Box App Screenshot 06

Record How You Reacted to the Drug So You Can Let Your Doctor Know