Contraction Timer

Contraction Timer

Contraction Timer helps you time how long and how frequent your contractions are when going into labor. It shows the time of each contraction, their durations and the interval between them. Please note that if your phone doesn’t have Android 4 or newer, it will still use the old version of the app.

Please purchase Contraction Timer Donate if you like this app. It also enables the ability to share your times in an emailed spreadsheet, and also enabled the Android Beam feature (Android 4+ phones with NFC only), so that you can instantly beam your times to another device—particularly useful when your partner comes home from work and takes over the timing operations!

Navigating the App

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Time Your Contractions for Confidence in When you will Deliver Your Baby

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Easy Instructions

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Easy Start / Stop to Time Contraction

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Duration of Contraction Calculated

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Easy Start/Stop to Time Contraction