In The Rooms

In The Rooms

For the other 23 hours you’re not in a meeting.

** Anonymity Statement: InTheRooms is a completely safe and secure, private network of people in recovery. None of your information is ever shared with anyone, and nothing related to InTheRooms and your name will ever show up together on Google or any other search engines.

“In my traveling, this is the app I use to put my recovery first, find a meeting and stay connected!” – Ken Seeley, A&E’s Intervention and

“Recovery: There’s an app for that. And this is that app.” – Dan Griffin, Author of “A Man’s Way Through the Twelve Steps”,

“It’s like having a 12 step meeting in my pocket.” – Anna David, Author of Party Girl and Executive Editor of The Fix (

“Recovery 24/7. Now you’re really Never Alone.” – Patty Powers, A&E’s Relapse,

“No matter where I’m at, this app helps me find a meeting and helps me stay connected to my recovery.” – Anonymous

“ is better than that OTHER social network because its safe, secure, and I can be myself without worrying about my anonymity.” – Anonymous is the largest social network for the recovery community, with over 185,000 members (and growing every day). On InTheRooms you’ll find the world’s largest AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) groups in the world.

  • Get connected with InTheRooms members in YOUR fellowship (AA, NA, OA, GA, Alanon, Naranon, and more) from around the world or in your neck of the woods. Make friends, keep track of those friends via the Status Feed, Private Messages, Profile Comments, Photo Comments, and more.
  • Push Notifications: Know instantly when your friends are looking for you.
  • Share Photos with your friends from your iPhone’s camera or photo library.
  • Use your iPhone’s GPS to find the closest AA, NA, OA, and GA meetings to you, wherever you are in the world.
  • Once you find the meeting, you can “Check In” to that meeting and share your location safely and anonymously with your other friends on InTheRooms
  • Participate in lively discussions in YOUR fellowship, ranging from the steps and traditions, to gratitude, controversy, and much much more.
  • Join special groups of people in recovery that share your same interests and passions, such as photography, cooking, music, and more.

We can only keep what we have by giving it away: InTheRooms is FREE and always will be. Whether you’re clean, sober, looking to get clean, looking to get sober, or simply just looking… InTheRooms is the essential app for YOU.

Download the app and get connected today, and meet the passionate members of the Global Recovery Community, who love you and want to see you succeed in your new way of life.

The InTheRooms Team

** Note: In The Rooms is not associated with Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous however our site is home to the largest AA and NA online community in the world.

Navigating the App

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Monitors Meetings

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Connects with Peers

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