Meeting Finder

Meeting Finder

Meeting Finder will help you find AA meetings based on location and time of your choosing. Our listings contain thousands of meetings from all 50 states.

Don’t see your favorite meeting in the search results? Not a problem! You can submit meetings to us and they will be included in the results. If a meeting we list isn’t there anymore, or has an incorrect time, or address you can let us know with a push of a button and we’ll take care of it. Meeting Finder is free and comes without any ads.

  • You do not need to register/login to find meetings.
  • You can invite others to meeting you find with Meeting Finder. Just select the meeting you like, click the share icon and a pre-filled text/email message will pop up for you to review and send.
  • You can associate meeting types (Open, Closed, Big Book…) with any meeting you find or create. If you don’t see a meeting type that you would like to use contact us and we’ll happily add it.

Navigating the App

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Easy to Set Meeting Details

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Meeting Times and Addresses

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Easy to Add Meetings to Your Calendar